Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Best Christmas Present

While I really appreciate the fabulous gifts I received from all of you, (serious, thanks!) I have to say that Ayden's present was the best one this year. On Christmas day in front of multiple witnesses, Ayden declared his love for me! I was sitting there, holding my 10 month old nephew and telling him how fabulous he is and that I love him so much. He pulled back, looked right at me and spoke his first complete sentence, "I love Laura." I screamed in delight and asked the people all around me if they had heard that. They of course started claiming that is sounded kind of like it, but they weren't so sure. So while they were busy denying it, Ayden turned to Lisa, sitting next to me, and his mom, a couple seats away, and he very clearly and slowly restated, "I love Laura." It was completely clear and undeniable. Even Lisa had to concede that his first clear sentence was "I love Laura." Doug, Christina, Analisa, and Shawn also witnessed it. Although Shawn claims he is not convinced the Ayden knows what he is saying. I am. Ayden loves me! And it was his first sentence and no one can deny it. And he knows what he said! Now if only I could train the men in my life to respond so well. Hope all your Christmases were fabulous.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanx Arah, Not

Okay, so I go to tremendous effort on my part to make a blog. Yes, I did! I even talk a little about myself and then Arah has to go and tag me. Rude! I'm not sure what to say. Well, I'm not like Arah, I've never been kissed by famous rockstars or invited backstage after (left that part out didn't you, Arah?) I don't even have any famous pro football player friends. Oh, except maybe that guy I work with that played for Miami for 5 years. I guess he counts. And if I count the actors I know from the Mormon movies, I guess I'm almost caught up with Arah. (I just don't go around kissing them.) But I still think that counts as 1 fact about me. Already wishing you hadn't tagged me, Sis?
While Arah is OCD, those of you who know and love me know I take the opposite stand. My son, Jared, tried to be born with a little OCD tendency. But as a matter of survival, by the time he was two or three, it was completely stomped out. "Oh well" is one of my favorite phrases. Mom hates it. But it has served me well over the years and I believe the reason I am still sane today. Don't worry Mom, someday Arah and I will both find balance. Maybe even before you get back. Keep praying for it. It could happen. That counts as point # 2 about me.
Now for topic # 3. Again, as those of you who know me really well already know, I'm full of very strange knowledge. From QiGong, TiaChi, naturopathy, herbology, and acupressure to educational kinesiology, hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming. Lots of other strange tidbits too, but they'd just be weird words. So I'll quit that topic. I know you love me anyway, Zeb and Steve. And some day you will admit that I am right.
For topic #4, I've never lost a leg wrestle to a guy or girl. I can lift some pretty major weight on the machines with my back (like 300 lbs., seriously. I can do 50 reps at the 200 lbs. weight. That's a lot more than most the men I see on them. And it really isn't that hard.) and I've never lost an arm wrestle to a girl. And I had I swear half my ward try. The arm wrestling thing that is. At a weird activity last year. And yes Steve, I did beat your wife. Ask her. Why is it that all the women at the activity looked at me and said, "Wow, you're a lot tougher than you look."? Do I look like a wimp? I don't think so. Julee does though and yes, Julee you are. That's okay though. You get the priviledge of eating literally 5000 calories a day and weighing less than 110 lbs. at 5'9" after having that freaking kid of yours. Can't really ask for much better than that. We all hate you though.
As for topics 5 and 6, you'll just have to stay tuned. I'm not sure what other strange information I'm willing to give up about myself.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Love you Ashley

I was reminded today of how fleeting life can be. How precious every breath we take and how important every impact we make is. Ashley died at 1:00am this morning. She was a friend and a valued member of our team at work. Ashley affected everyone around her for the good. Since I am the only school counselor at the school, I spent the entire day working with students traumatized by her loss. The students love Miss Hansen. They always felt empowered by and loved by her. The faculty loved her as well. Ashley lived everyday in joy. She spread it whereever she went. She was part of what made work so great. She also made everyone with whom she interacted feel valued and loved. She listened. She understood. And she truly cared. Thank you Ashley for allowing me to be a brief part of your life. Thank you for your example. Life and everyone we interact with are meant to be loved. I have learned from you, Ashley. I hope I can take that learning and make myself a better person because of it.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Love is a wonderful thing!


Okay, my sisters have been bugging the crud out of me. So here I am! Posting on my blog! Happy Arah? Well, right now nothing special is really going on. I'm just taking my kids to school and then off to work. Love my job though. My team is fantastic. Some of the best people on earth. They make each day a blast. The kids are great too. And I'm getting to work as both a counselor and math teacher. Couldn't ask for much better than that! Okay, maybe a little better pay.
I have a 12 year old daughter,(sadly almost a teenager)Christina, who is going to middle school now. They grow up too fast! She's kicking butt in school, getting highest scores as always. She's having tons of fun with fabulous friends. I really couldn't ask for a better group of kids. They do the right thing and don't follow the crowd. It's mainly the students I taught last year. I have to tell you a quick story. A 7th grade teacher did an experiment on her class. She told all the brunettes to stand up. They had to remain standing for the rest of the class. If they sat down, the blondes would have to do their homework for the week. Most of the students immediately sat. The only exceptions were any student that was in my class last year. They remained standing for the remainder of the class. I was so proud of them! I spend a lot of time throughout the year talking about doing the right thing no matter what everyone else is doing. I'm thrilled to see it actually sunk in. Again, I couldn't ask that she hang out with a better group of kids. All except for Maddy of course. We're all a little concerned about her. (JK, luv u babe!)(Oh yeah Maddy, I forgot. I'm not allowed to use things like JK) LOL (laugh out loud or lots of love, totally your choice my dear.)
My son is 8 and was just recently baptized this past year! He is such a joy to have around. He will soon be starting basketball with one of his best friends, Matthew, whom he loves to play with. He just finished out this past soccer season. He is a great forward but always wants to be goalie! :-)
And last my youngest daughter, Analisa, who just turned 6 about a week ago. She just lost her 6th tooth on the week of her 6th birthday and she thinks the tooth fairy planned it magic just for her. She now believes she is the richest woman alive with her 5 dollars from the last three teeth she lost. She is so excited. She has insisted that mom start teaching her algebra. Seriously. She bugs me about it all the time. She's surprisingly good. Her brother has joined in. They've got the negatives concepts down better than some of my 6th graders.(I don't know what is wrong with them. It's really not my fault. I try to be the irresponsible parent, but they just keep making me act like I'm supposed to.) They even tuck me in with bedtime stories they read to me at night. If I don't watch out, I might just end up with some pretty decent kids.
Hope all your Thanksgivings were great! Miss you Mom and Dad. How the 130 degree weather treating you? Guess snow is not so bad after all. Have a great Christmas all.